Ethics homework- unethical laws

Ethics homework- unethical laws

Is law itself a contradiction? Are there laws that are privy to unethical behavior? Do you think that precisely what a law is supposed to protect, it causes? Take a moment to research three laws that you feel are privy to unethical behavior.

One such example of an unethical law would be the husband and wife/spousal marital privilege. It is quite legal to preclude a wife from divulging certain aspects that happened/occurred within the “marital relationship.” Meaning, if a man is on trial for battery and they call his wife to the stand, she does not have to or can be prohibited from testifying as to what her husband said to her the night of the alleged crime. “Spousal privilege” quite clearly protects the bond of holy matrimony but also allows for unethical and illegal activity to happen within a marriage without the ability to bring it to the Judge, jury or executioners attention.

Please submit a 2-3 page paper with proper APA formatting which summarizes, analyzes and reflects on each of the three laws that you identified.


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