Financial/Accounting help

Financial/Accounting help


Using the information posted on the Investor Relations page for Southwest Airlines, answer the following questions.



  1. What has Southwest sought to accomplish for its investors?  
  2. Evaluate Southwest Airlines’ actions with respect to employees and customers.
  3. Assess Southwest Airlines’ achievements in the area of corporate governance.
  4. Have the actions and initiatives undertaken by Southwest Airlines made in a positive impact on its profitability? Explain with specific examples and financial data.


Using the financial information for Ford and GM, answer the following questions.




  1. What is the relationship between Ford and GM and their respective employees and investors? How do these relationships affect financial performance? Are there any issues outstanding for Ford or GM? Provide a rationale for your assessment.
  2. Compare and contrast Ford and GM using the financial statements for the two firms. If you were going to make an investment in one of the two companies, which one would you select? Why? Explain your answer and include financial and nonfinancial reasons for your conclusion.


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