Freud felt that the human psyche has multiple aspects; id,

Jung really believed in theory and studies of the human personality. He believed that personalities  were built on individuals orientation toward one side of a psychological type, those whom believe that studies are the reason why people have different personalities.  really show a persons pattern. This pattern is believed to solve those that need that research help. I believe that each persons personality is developed by the people you are around on a daily bases.  These people can either believe theory or believe that once you began to hang around with a different personality you then want to become like that person, especially if that person is excepted by everyone and you are not.
Freud felt that the human psyche has multiple aspects; id, ego, and superego.  It’s how we handle situations based on our personality.  In reference to the ID, is it part of the conscious or unconscious?  Explain?
I have always found dreams to be fascinating. I also believe that dreams are a reflection of things that are going on in our lives at that time. If we really try to clarify what our dreams really mean, it can help us in our lives. dreams are our subconscious minds way of helping us to understand what is going on in our lives. There are many self help books that can help someone to understand what their dreams are trying to tell them.

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