I wanna some one to help me to make response for discussion for HRM

I wanna some one to help me to make response for discussion for HRM

You can choose two question only.


Affirmative Action Debate: Federal contractors are required by Executive Order 11246 to engage in “affirmative action” in hiring women and minorities. Following are some discussion questions to spark student debate regarding this issue. You can always look up articles and such to back up your opinions and postings.  You do not have to address each question, simply address the questions which spark interest to you the most. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is affirmative action? What exactly do you think of when you hear this term?
  2. Is it important to promote the diversity of the work force through the hiring and promotion of women and minorities? If so, why? If not, why not?
  3. How appropriate are each of the following types of affirmative action? What are the positive consequences of having an affirmative action program? What are the negative consequences?
    • Recruiting from minority colleges and universities.
    • Advertising job openings in minority‑oriented publications.
    • Providing additional training and development opportunities for minorities and women.
    • Having goals for the hiring of women and/or minorities. Hiring a certain “quota” of women and/or minorities.
    • Adjusting test scores (e.g., race norming) to allow for more minorities to be hired.
  4. If a firm does not engage in some type of affirmative action, is it likely that the firm will end up with a diverse work force? Why or why not?

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