250 words on sepsis & ethics of research Due 9/19 by 10pm

The article illustrates exactly why we need to ensure ethics is a part of all research.  
Sepsis trial.pdf  
HHS Will Review Watchdog Group’s Call to Halt ‘Risky’ Sepsis Trial – Medscape – Aug 31, 2018.
Please post your articles with critique in this thread as well. 
1. Do benefits of this research outweigh the cost to participants- what is the overall risk/benefit ratio. 
2. Would participants be considered vulnerabl? Were they subject to any physical harm, discomfort or psychological distress due to this study. 
3. Did researchers make efforts to minimize harm, maximize good.
4. Was appropriate informed consent procedures used? Was there full disclosure, was participant voluntary? Does any report discuss steps that were taken to protect privacy confidentiality of study participants. 
5. Were participants deceived in any way. Were they coerced into participating in study? 

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