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Find an article in a professional/peer reviewed journalusing the library (do not use just a Google search) that discusses a manager’s responsibility for internal controls and the ethical behavior of the organiztion. Do you think this should be a management function, why or why not?

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nternal control and ethical behavior should be the main focus of every manager. In this Article Thomas and Gibson express their feeling about how important is that manager are on top of all the internal and ethics values of a company. All managers should know what type of employees they have and how to deal with them in each situation. They specified that the core values of a company should be a culture of honesty and high ethics, Antifraud process and controls and a proper oversight process. All of these points have to be the main focus of a manager; they have to be responsible for the implement of all the company core values. If a manager is not capable to do so, the company should find another person that can follow their company regulations. Managers are the face of any company and they have to be the first person that fallows all the company’s core of values.



Thomas. R.A & Gibson. M.K(2003 April,1) Management Is Responsible, Too. Journal of Accountancy. Retrieve from Pro Quest


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he article by David McNamee eludes that honestly is no longer the best policy when it comes to ethical behavior in an organization and in management. A manager should be trusted enough in my opinion to be in charge of the internal control policies, unfortunately greed does take the best of many people. The article states that with the subject of internal controls, it is also equates to an extreme amount of stress on an individual. I believe that extreme stress causes people to find an easy fix and can lead to unethical behavior. However, if the foundation of the company is based on good ethical standards and beliefs and follows it, there is little chance of fraud. I believe that internal controls should be a management function because a manager needs to know how the company is running.They are more efficient in their own tasks if they see how their inventory is and employees work. Also, if anything goes wrong, there needs to be someone who is responsible which would be the manager.

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McNamee, D. (1992). Resolving problems in ethics and management. Managerial Auditing Journal, 7(2), 3. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/274717133?accountid=35796


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