A 3 pages narrative essay.

Book “Ways of Reading”. Reading passage “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. We will write an essay where we mix personal and academic writing to convey an overarching theme, message or argument. Again, I am asking that you create arrangement based on an intentional method of organization, designed by you. Your subject for argument, however, is of your choosing. Likewise the Narrative moves you to make are also your own.

1. discovering the argument/point you wish to make based on your intellectual curiosities

2. using her Narrative Moves: biography, autobiography, symbolism, Metaphor, photo narration, Historical Context, point of view shifts (1st to 3rd person), perspective shifts, and any other method she suggests. You may use 3 or more, depending on what works with your subject and interest.

And it must be 100% plagiarism free essay. If any quotes will be taken from any online source please do an in-text citation.

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