Assignments Inclusion, collaboration, transition and adult

Inclusion, collaboration, transition and adult life
Hardman, M.L., Egan M. W. & Drew, C. J. (2017). Human exceptionality: School, community, and family(12th ed.). Wadsworth: Cengage Learning. Chapter 3, “Inclusion and Multidisciplinary Collaboration in the Early Childhood and Elementary School Years”Chapter 4, “Secondary Education and Transition Planning”
1. Discuss each of the four phases involved in the special education referral, planning, and placement process. Include within your discussion the distinction between multilevel instruction and universal design.
Due on or before Day 3.
2. Discuss the basic requirements for transition services as mandated through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Include in your answer the role of students, parents, and adult service providers in the transition planning process. Why do professionals view the income support programs as fostering dependence for people with disabilities?
Due on or before Day 5.

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