BA 270 : The Legal Environment of Business

BA 270 : The Legal Environment of Business

BA 270 : The Legal Environment of Business

  1. This assignment uses the IRAC methodology discussed in Chapter 1 and Appendix A. You MUST review the text material before you commence the assignment. BE CERTAIN TO COMPLETE PARTS A, B, AND C of the assignment.

    A. This assignment relates to the case found at the following citation: 239 Cal. App. 4th 1248 . You will need to search for the case yourself.  Describe the procedural information of this specific case. Reference CH1 for information. Your answer should include such information as the location of the case, which courts have heard the case (current and prior), describe the parties to the case, and whether and to which court the parties could appeal going forward.

    To find the case: 

    1) Go to the California Courts website for Lexis Nexis

    2) Under “SEARCH”, follow the link “By Citation”

    3) Enter the citation provided above.

    4) You should return the case styled –  Puskar v. City and County of San Francisco, 239 Cal. App. 4th 1248   Promptly come speak with the instructor if you are having difficulty.

    B. Using the IRAC methodology (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion,) brief the case Puskar v. City and County of San Francisco.   Read the whole case, then complete a case brief using the IRAC methodology. Reference CH1 and Appendix A for exact directions. Your response should be between 3/4 to 1 page for this segment of the assignment.

    C. The final part of your submission must include legal terms with their definitions. ONLY SELECT THE TERMS WITH WHICH YOU WERE UNFAMILIAR. Select 5-10 terms. Use or to arrive at the proper LEGAL definition. Be certain to cite your source.

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