Case 4 – Westminster Company

Case 4 – Westminster Company

Use this paper to discuss the topic, to extend the information on the topic, to expand on the topic by giving real-world scenarios which reflect this topic. References must include the text book and may also use external web sites. Questions, when offered at the end of a case, may be used to direct your paper. Papers should be in APA format, 2-3 pages, and be 1000 – 1600 words in length, offer a clear abstract, identify your goals, substantiate your content and clearly summarize the outcome.



Rubric Category

Point Val. Your Points

Paper meets the specified pages or word length, demonstrates thorough understanding of the reading assignment, reflects critical thought, and relates to course content and/or industry applications.

Length required _ 2_pages___3__ pages___ turned in.



Ideas and concepts are supported through resources and/or personal experiences. Case study exhibits truthful and verifiable statements.



Posts are free of writing errors (syntax, grammar, etc.)

Try to avoid using needless fillers i.e. that. I did not count those as errors this time. Also, free of APA format errors.

___ Errors – 1-4 =.9 5-7= .8, 8-10= .7, 11-12= .6, 13-14= .5, 15-17= .4, 18= .3, 19= .2, 20= .1, 21 or more 0.


Total 18


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