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Read Section 1 from this week’s Webtext titled “The Americas Before the European Migrations,” then briefly summarize the early development of the indigenous population of America. Be sure to include their origin, methods of survival, domestication, innovations, trade, settlements, and other important elements in your response. Which three (3) elements did you find interesting? Provide a rationale your response.

Please respond in a primary posting of at least 200 words. In addition, please make a substantive comment of at least 100 words to at least one [1] of your classmates. Subsequent comments may be shorter.

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Art & Color Assignment

Choose two contrasting color works of art from the Google Art & Culture site ( Focus on the artists’ uses of color.

Write a separate paragraph on each of the artworks you have chosen. In these paragraphs make sure you describe all of the colors that you see in the work.

  1. Do you have any personal associations with these colors?
  2. Does the artwork follow a color scheme?
  3. Does it include warm or cool colors?
  4. Are the colors neutral? Are the colors saturated?
  5. Now, compare your results. Be sure to include a link to both works of art that you have selected.
  6. How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in this chapter of the textbook? Be sure to refer to required readings and supplementary material in your submission and include citations when appropriate.

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Did the French Revolution separate the “early modern era” from a “late modern era”?

1) Many historians argue that the French Revolution of 1789-1799 was a major historical watershed separating an “early modern era” from a “late modern era” in regard to the social, cultural, and political structures of Europe. How valid is that argument? How different were the political systems of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe from those of the three centuries preceding the French Revolution? How did that revolution transform European society and culture? At what point did the influence of the French Revolution end?

Be sure to organize your essay around a clearly stated explanatory thesis, and be sure to sure to support your argument with concrete examples and evidence.

If you have access (not sure if it’s online), this is specific textbook used in this course. If you are able to get access to it and reference, you will be compensated above the bid price.

  • Lynn Hunt et al., The Making of the West: Peoples & Cultures, Volume 2: Since 1500, 5th ed. (Boston & New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016)
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    write a comparison-contrast of two characters that represent a common archetype in a culturally emblematic way.

    Using a pattern of refutation, including acknowledgment, accommodation, and refutation, write a short essay of about five double-spaced pages (inclusive of a scrupulously designed MLA style Works Cited page containing a minimum of five reputable sources) that systematically controverts an officiallypublished opposing argument credited to an author (or co-authors). The choice of topic is yours to decide, as long as it is current, is of real interest to you, and avoids being any of the following:

    • hate-speech and anarchist manifestos;
    • a cliched, boilerplate controversial issue such as abortion, recycling, death penalty, animal testing, torture, etc.);
    • a contentious position about a reference source such as a Wikipedia page or a dictionary definition;
    • a straw-man argument (one that’s obvious weak or falsely portrayed to be weak), such as discounting Flat Earth “theorists,” debating racism, advocating for the rights of the disabled;
    • an irrelevant debate (e.g., the Roman Empire shouldn’t have conquered and colonized Britain) or an unnecessary speculative “what if” scenario (“Would the world be thrown into chaos if we discovered intelligent alien life?”).

    Your topic may be political but doesn’t have to be. Also, it doesn’t have to be of general interest; rather, it can be esoteric and nerdy. It needn’t be of concern solely in the United States, either. The argument you controvert should be written by a credible author and found in a credible source such as a dissertation, an editorial or commentary, a critical blog or review, or a civil ordinance. It should not be taken from a random internet site, or a casual conversation with someone.

    In fact, the language of the opposing argument will play an important role in your how you controvert its points, so you will need to quote the source verbatim and directly respond to its authors in their own words. It must also be open to research.

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    revise the following paragraph. Be sure to consider these questions:

    Following is the introduction from the first draft of an essay advocating the elimination of mandatory dress codes in public schools. revise the paragraph, being sure to consider these questions: How effectively does the writer deal with the opposing viewpoint? does the paragraph encourage those who might disagree with the writer to read on? why or why not? do you see any logical fallacies in the writers thinking? where? does the writer introduce anything that veers away from the point of being discussed? where? Before revising, you may find it helpful to do some brainstorming to find ways to strengthen the paragraph. afterwards, think about how strategies could be used, how could Rogerian arguement win over readers? what points could be made? what actions could be urged in the effort to build a convincing argument?


    In three nearby towns recently, high school administrators joined forces to take an outrageously strong stand against students’ constiutional rights. Acting like Fascists, they issued an edict in the form of a preposterous dress code that prohibits students from wearing expensive jewlery, name-brand jeans, leather jackets- anything that the administrators, in their supposed wisdom, consider ostenatious. Perhaps the next they’ll want to do is forbid students to play hip-hop music at school dances. What prompted the administrators’ dictatorial prohibition against certain kinds of clothing? Somehow or another, they got it into their heads that having no restrictions on the way students dress creates an unhealthy environment, where students vie with eachother for the flashiest attire. Students and parents alike should protest this and any other dress code. If such codes go into effect, we might as well throw out the Constitution.

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    Individual Project 4

    You are on vacation in New York and ready to explore the downtown area. In the morning, you are walking down a very busy street and you see a man lying on the ground, shaking. Do you stop, or do you continue to walk by? You continue to walk down the street, and as you pass by an alley, you see a man and woman yelling loudly at each other. The man calls the woman a name and pushes her hard against a brick wall.

    • Would you try to help the person in either of these situations? Why or why not?
    • Would you be more likely to stop and help the people in the two situations if you saw other people helping? Why or why not?
    • What are some of the reasons why a bystander may not help out in these two situations? Relate this back to the bystander effect.
    • Is there anything that the woman in the second situation could do that would make a bystander more likely to help her? Explain.

    • 600 words in length
      Include at least 3 sources in your paper. Use in-text citations and a reference list according to APA style guidelines.
    • Instructor’s Comments:

      This week you will again the explore the concept and phenomenon of bystander apathy, this time considering two situations in which someone is in need of help. Discuss your thought processes in determining whether or not to help the man on the ground and the woman being physically assaulted. Would you be more likely to help one over the other? Why? Also, would you be more likely if other people were helping, and why? Be sure to refer to research on bystander apathy and cite your sources in your paper.A new item to consider is how can a person make others more likely to help them? Think about how you might get bystanders to help you if you were in danger or hurt. What can you do to get them to understand there is an emergency, that they are capable of helping, and that you may be harmed if no one else bothers to assist you? Again, please cite the theories we’ve learned about in your paper, as well as providing your personal thoughts.

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    Student’s conclusion

    In 300-500 words share whether or not you believe film has the potential to transform one’s political sensibilities.And if you believe that your personal sensibilities have been (re)shaped or transformed by a particular film, say so.The objective here is to share your thoughts pertaining to the major thesis presented in Democracy and Difference.


    I have suggested that we should engage and be engaged by those persons who see and understand the world differently from those who sit comfortably within a dominant we society so that we might (re)imagine or discover a new place for democratic politics. And as film-goers who find ourselves more susceptible emotionally to the stimuli presented in a movie theatre, we can at times experience vicariously, yet deeply, the events, the stories, the lives of those who are different from ourselves. As individuals living in a multicultural and diverse society we should consider opening ourselves up to and welcoming such engagement and the possibilities for personal transformation in our individual sensibilities. Such a transformation might occur when one considers and compares the experiences of his or her life and the impact of those experiences on his or her identity next to those raw materials that make-up or construct the identity(ies) of those who are different from them, specifically those who have been marginalized, disregarded, and silenced by a dominant we society. I have suggested that when one truly sees Other, sees and hears the stories of difference crafted and told by the Other in film, one might come to respect the different voices and stories of those lives and thus allow him or herself to see and experience life from a new position, a transformed sensibility, where politics transcend convention. In other words, when we consider our lives next to those who are different from us, when we frame those different human stories next to our own personal human narrative we may come to understand how a particular human uncertainty and vulnerability informs all of our lives.

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    Conflict Program Proposal

    Complete the Conflict Program Proposal by providing a brief proposal, identifying the context of the groups, the names of the groups in conflict, the nature of the conflict, and the type of program you will be proposing.

    Per the instructor:

    The conflict program proposal is not an written assignment per se (APA formatting, etc.); however is a written proposal to me, letting me know what type of group that is in conflict and how you will be resolving it for your Week 5 individual assignments.

    Hope that helps clarify any confusion.

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    Complete 2 Social Work Discussions MASTERS LEVEL



    Clinical Supervision and Technology

    As a social work professional, you will have the opportunity to use technology frequently in your practice. Consider how you might use technology within the context of social work supervision.

    • What are the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology into clinical supervision?
    • Describe ways that supervisors may use technology ethically.
    • Describe unethical situations involving technology that could potentially occur in social work supervision.
    • What is (or will be) the most difficult aspect of using technology as a supervisor?
    • How might you address this challenge?

    Response Guidelines

    Respond to a minimum of two other learners. In your responses, provide a suggestion for how he or she might deal with the aspect of using technology as a supervisor that they identified as most challenging for them. Be sure your suggestion is grounded in research and provide a citation for your suggestion.

    Learning Components

    This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

    • Compare ethical and unethical uses of technology.
    • Identify common ethical issues in social work practice.


    Client Dignity and Worth

    As you enter into Week 3 of the practicum experience:

    • Consider the clients served by your agency or organization and critically analyze how clients are greeted when they enter your site, or when the social workers engage with clients in the community.
    • Discuss the relationships between the clients and social workers in your agency or organization.
    • Share if the relationships between the clients and your site appear to promote the well-being, respect, dignity, and worth of the clients. Provide an example.

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    ​The Japanese culture played a very significant role in shaping world history especially in the 19th and 20th century.

    The Japanese culture played a very significant role in shaping world history especially in the 19th and 20th century. From what we have studied on Japan, choose any topic you have read about, or we discussed in-class that was the most profound in your opinion. Defend your choice in a five paragraph essay.

    You need to write this response in the five paragraph essay format. If you are unfamiliar with the five paragraph essay format, please review the following information before you begin.

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