Answer these questions in essay format using the textbook readings. 2 page Essay, 150 words (at least) per question (4).

Answer these questions in essay format, using the instructions provided in the Assignment Instructions folder. Review the Essay 1 Grading Rubric to see how your essay will be graded.

  • In this question you will make up an experiment using classical conditioning. Please create an example using the following scenario.
  • Describe how you would use operant conditioning, with a program of shaping, to get a messy roommate to make his/her bed neatly. Include and label the antecedent stimulus, response, and reinforcement of the changing program standards, and a method of self-regulation for the roommate.
  • In a hypothetical psychology internship, you have encountered a child with destructive tendencies. She bites herself, her dog, and your bag of supplies. Being afraid for her safety and your own well-being, you institute a plan to change her behavior. Suggest a punishment, with her possible reactions to that punishment. Then, try substituting an alternative behavior by reinforcing an incompatible response. Label the antecedent stimulus for the biting response, Punishment I or II, escape or avoidance, and the reinforcement for the new named response. What do you consider to be the best theory or method for improving this child’s behavior?
  • Give an example of a situation where you can model more effective behavior for someone whom you could positively influence. Describe in detail: yourself (the model), the observer, the behavior, and the reinforcement using at least 5 principles of Social Learning Theory.

Explain how you would evoke a startle response (reflex) using classical conditioning in an unsuspecting friend using an abnormal signal (produces the reflex). Describe your friend’s reflex response and a signal that will produce that reflex response; then choose another signal for the reflex and predict the outcome of using that signal. Clearly label the Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS), Unconditioned Response (UCR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS), and Conditioned Response (CR). Include a description of the setting and process for this hypothetical situation. Below is an abbreviated example.

For example, every time your roommate opens the refrigerator door you make an alarm goes off on your phone and the roommate jumps. After this happens several times, the roommate will jump when they open the refrigerator door even without the alarm going off.

Signal (NS)

Opening the refrigerator


Sound of an alarm




Opens refrigerator



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Critical Review

Write a critical review essay of two works of literature that are linked by theme or topic. You can choose any works of literature for this essay. A critical review essay is an analysis of works of literature in which the you describe the works and makes claims about their quality and effectiveness. Read page 432 in Literature to see a sample student essay.

Here are some important elements that you should have in your essay. All of these elements have to do with creating a well-organized essay that supports your opinion with clear evidence:

  • A main claim
  • A well-developed argument
  • Relevant evident to support the main claim
  • An analysis of literary elements
  • Supporting claims, arguments, and evaluations
  • Error free writing- subject/verb agreement

Please write at least 5 paragraphs in your essay.
You need at least 5 sentences in each paragraph.

  • 1st paragraph: Introduction. Give the titles and authors of your books/stories/poems. State a main claim about your works of literature. A main claim/thesis statement is something that the writer is trying to prove to the reader.
  • 2nd paragraph: Summary of your first book/story/poem
  • 3rd paragraph: Summary of your second book/story/poem
  • 4th paragraph: Compare/contrast your books/stories/poems
  • 5th paragraph: Conclusion, where you restate your main claim, and explain how your books supported that claim. Give final thoughts and reflections about your books and your main claim.

Books to write critical review on are below.

  • “The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant and “The Gift of the Magi,” by O. Henry
    also need a rough draft and the essay.

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cultural pluralism

1. Explain why Rodgers and Hammerstein insisted on keeping the song, “You Have to be Carefully Taught.”
2. How are Liat and Bloody Mary caricatures of racialized stereotypes?
3. Compare Liat and Lt. Cable’s relationship to Nellie and Emile’s. What is the significance of that difference? Why can’t Liat and Joe get married?

6 6 0 6

Paging Options

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Literature Review Resources

Read at least 10?peer-reviewed?articles in your general dissertation field that you have not read previously.? DEMENTIA CAREGIVER BURNOUT AMONG FAMILY CAREGIVERS. I attached on that i did. You will need to use the template.

In the “Literature Review Resources” document that you submitted previously, provide the following for each source you are adding to the document:

  • The APA formatted citation.
  • A brief annotation of the key points of the source.
  • An indication of whether the source has been added to (Y) or excluded from (N) your RefWorks list.Highlight the additions to the document so the instructor can readily identify them.
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    Discussion 8

    Discussion #8

    History has ranked Andrew Jackson as one of the nation’s greatest presidents. His opponents however, denounced his dictatorial use of power and joined together to form an opposition party. Jackson himself asserted that the executive branch should be supreme because the president was the only member of the government elected by all of the people, and he openly challenged and disregarded the Legislative and Judiciary branches. Although his actions and decisions as president did not reduce his popularity, they did create a series of regional crisis.

    In order to prepare for this discussion you must first complete the following readings.

    After you have completed your readings, please post your responses to only ONE of the following questions.

    1. In your opinion, does Jackson deserve his position in history as a great president or King Andrew, as his opponents named him? Explain your position by addressing a particular action or decision that was part of his presidency.
    2. In your opinion, did Jackson lose his first run for the presidency because of “a corrupt bargain”? Explain your position.
    3. According to Jackson the Executive branch was “the only one directly elected by all of the people.” How would you respond to this assertion? Make sure that you support your argument.

    Discussion Forum Grading Information

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    Understanding Drama

    Week 5 Discuss.

    1) Spend some time with the website of the one-minute play festival found here: — check out some of the links to the one-minute plays that are featured in the festival. What do you notice? Another possiblity is to look up “one-minute plays” on YouTube and see what you find.

    2) Now, write your own one-minute play using no fewer than two characters. Be sure to include pertinent stage directions.

    3) Have fun! Don’t worry about writing a master piece. Just work on putting together a one-page or one-minute play that features a couple worthwhile characters who have something to say! You’re free to take complete liberty with this assignment.

    4) Check out the “dialogue tips” handout under ‘Course Materials’ which will help you put your play into proper format.

    5) 250 word minimum and 2 scholarly sources

    Complete Section1200 words and 3 scholarly sources

    Let’s discuss the idea of the American hero regarding Death of a Salesman. The American idea of a tragic hero differs substantially from the Ancient Greek idea of the tragic hero and one’s tragic flaw. How do you find value in reading about such American tragic heroes such as Willy Loman?

    Be sure to support your ideas with details from the play as well as quoted passages. As always, make sure you use in-text citations and an end reference.

    1.In what ways does Will Loman recognize (or fail to recognize) his own shortcomings? Why does this matter? Would you say that Willy Loman’s lack of self-awareness is a major part of the tragedy?

    2.What did you personally learn about human behavior from the historical aspects of the play and does this play’s commentary on American consumerism resonate with what we see and experience in our society today?

    3.Is Willy Loman completely responsible for what became of him and his keeping-up-with the Joneses obsession or can we also blame the social and cultural environment in which he lived?

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    need someone to help

    answer one question you were assigned from the following questions. Whenever you can, you should use issues from the text, class, or the news items to back up your response. CITE YOUR SOURCES within the text of your answer, if not, your work will not be graded. The length of your answers should be MORE than FOUR paragraphs (e. g., at least five). You MUST give your opinion and answer why you believe this way. No citations and your test will not be graded.


    1- If you had to explain the importance of political parties, what would you say?How would you differentiate American political parties from those of Europe?What is the influence of political parties today versus their previous standings?Use examples from the text and articles to illustrate your points.


    2- In your opinion, what are the most important part(s) to the Constitution? Identify them and briefly explain how the Constitution addresses the core values through your favorite part. If you were at a social gathering and had a conversation with a young voter, how would you describe your position to them? Give examples that illustrate your point

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    multiple choices of Western Civilization

    Italy’s geography helps explain the Romans’ focus on

    Under Augustus, Rome

    Which statement best describes ancient Sparta?

    In ancient Greece, a tryant was

    The political history of the Hellenistic period was dominated by Greek leagues and

    Which of the following was true of the Roman consuls?

    Why did non-Christians distrust Christianity?

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    English Composition


    In persuasive writing and in much of the writing you will complete throughout your academic career, you will be called to make arguments and claims and supporting them. What are effective strategies to build and prepare persuasive arguments and what is the importance of supporting your qualifying claims?

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    5 Paragraphs Essay

    What any of the films :

    Fury, mystic river,kill bill, downfall, Carrie and look for and specific audio – visual element and evidence of its use within the film. Write a 5 paragraph, analysis of the film. The thesis statement for the essay should be written in this format. Director + “in his/her film” + title + “uses” + main technique + “to reveal the message that” + your idea of the film’s message

    Example – Francis ford Coppola , in his film The Godfather , uses a montage to reveal the universal idea that success in business can have a corrupting influence on family.

    Films contain many of the same characteristics as traditional, printed literary texts: plot, point of view, characterization, symbolism, setting, tone and theme. please include some of them to argument your answer.

    You will need to include :

    A title that gives your readers a sense of your specific topic and argument

    A clear, interpretive thesis.

    Examples from the film to support your points of analysis.

    A works cited page that includes the film. (You don’t need any outside sources for this paper)

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