Choose a ‘media message’. These messages include (but are

Fundamentals of Communication 1506LHSAssessment Item: Media Message AnalysisThis 1000-word paper asks you to critically think through a message that is communicated to us through media (print, audio recording, film, TV, digital media, etc.). You will want to argue why this message is – or has been – culturally influential.Once you have written the paper you will need to create a 3-minute “pitch” (a very short oral presentation) the sums up the main idea of the paper.It is recommended that you read ‘Chapter 12: Speaking Out’ by Hay, Bochner, Blacket & Dungey found in your digital Readings list on our L@G course site in order to help you prepare for the pitch.Also have a look at the marking rubric that will be used to evaluate your pitch, which is found in the ‘Media Message Analysis’ folder in the Course Content section of the Learning@Griffith site. The pitch will account for 50% of this mark, so please take some time to work on it. Organize & then practice it at home before you present.The paper portion of this assignment will be submitted via Turnitin on Learning@Griffith by 11:59pm on 30 April. This is the Monday of Week 8. You are not required to turn anything in for the pitch. Presentations will take place in your tutorials during Weeks 8 & 9.How to get started:1. Choose a ‘media message’. These messages include (but are not limited to): well-known songs or speeches, fictional work such as novels or poems, news stories, TV shows/broadcasts, films, music videos, YouTube clips, or memes. For instance, last year a student chose Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech while another examined the British, WWII-era ‘Carry On’ slogan & poster that recently has become a popular meme.2. Choose a message/topic that really interests you: something you will want to take time to think about, read about, and write about.3. Do some initial research online to see if your choice is viable. You will need to reference 3 to 5 sources as evidence for the premises in your paper. Searching the library database or Google Scholar for appropriate academic sources is best. While doing a random Google search may help you see if this message is influential or not, academic sources do not come directly from ordinary Google searches. Important: Wikipedia is not a viable source for academic writing projects. If you feel inexperienced conducting even the most basic research, which is what you will be doing here, please see our on-campus librarians for further assistance or speak with your tutor.

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