Choose one painting by Mondrian from the years 1913-1916,

Choose one painting by Mondrian from the years 1913-1916, such asComposition in Oval with Color Planes 1 (1914)
one painting from the period 1921-30, such asComposition No. III, with Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black(1929).There are alsotwo Mondrians from the1921 and1935 currently on view in the AIC, which you are encouraged to write about.
In both cases, obviously, opt for paintings you can find in good color reproduction online or in books.
Write an essay explaining Mondrian’s intentions in both paintings. You will be thinking about how his work changed over time. By all means consult the writings by Mondrian in our Dropbox, but don’t assume they are transparently the key to an understanding of what Mondrian, in practice, is up to. Trust your eyes. Try to describe each picture’s visual language as specifically and concretely as you can, and let the description lead you to asenseof Mondrian’s “attitudes” or approach to the world. If you like, you can stagethe essay as a dialoguebetween the Mondrian of 1914-16and the Mondrianofthe1920’s. This may help you to dramatize the differences of opinion. But if you choose this
form, avoid (1) getting bogged down in reproduction, or near reproduction, of Mondrian’s own words, as found in the Reader [put the arguments in your own words, and above all argue from the evidence of the pictures], and (2) too much comic scene-setting, over-the-top trading of insults, etc., etc.
If you quote or paraphrase an argument from any on the readings, indicate thatyouare doing so, by means of a footnote.
Papers will be evaluated in the following areas:
Thesis – Clarity and quality of ideas; original voice
Description of artworks – vivid and supports thesis
Research and use of sources; footnotes
Mechanics — mistake free prose
Nuts & Bolts Checklist for Papers:
12-point font
1 to 1.12 inch margins
Page numbers
Refer to artist by LAST NAME after the first mention.
Titles of artworks inItalics
Give date of artwork in parentheses after first mention, i.e.Title(1921)
Footnotes followChicago-Turabian style.
Provide images of all artworks discussed at length, labeled with Figure #’s that you refer to in your text.

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