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Healthy Communities

Assignment Overview

Because you are an outspoken citizen who advocates a healthy lifestyle, you have been asked to help develop a Springdale Community Coalition that will be focused on a variety of health and safety issues in your community. You’re eager to be involved, but not quite sure what to expect.

Do some research to learn more about what coalitions are, including their benefits and challenges. Begin your search with the article from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, accessible through the ebrary in Trident’s online library:

What Explains Community Coalition Effectiveness? A Review of the Literature, by Zakocs RC and Edwards EM, (Am J Prev Med 2006;30(4):351–361)

After reviewing this article and the materials listed in the Background information, and after reviewing the Assignment Expectations below, write a 2-page paper to address the following:

  1. What is a coalition? What were the six coalition-building factors identified in the literature review by Zakocs and Edwards (2006) that appeared to enhance coalition effectiveness?
  2. Considering that the goal is to create a healthier community, what types of organizations and individuals do you expect to join the Springdale Community Coalition?
  3. What are some benefits of having the Springdale Community Coalition work on community health issues rather than having each organization working on them independently?
  4. What are some challenges of having the Springdale Community Coalition work on community health issues rather than having each organization work on them independently?

SLP Assignment Expectations

In order to earn full credit:

Please write your paper in your own words. That is the only way I can evaluate your level of understanding. Quotes are rarely needed; if necessary, they should comprise less than 10% of a paper.

Even though the papers must be written in your own words, you are required to cite sources for any statement of fact or idea that is not common knowledge. Cite the sources within the body of the paper and include a reference list at the end of the paper. If you are not sure of how to do that, review the Web sites listed below.

Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information. Use credible, professional, and scholarly sources such as journal articles from ProQuest or EBSCO, and government, university, or nonprofit organizations’ Web sites.

In order to earn full credit, you must clearly show that you have read the module homepage and the required background materials. You are welcome to do research in addition to — but not instead of — the required readings.

Your papers will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • References – citations are used within the body of the paper any time you state a fact or idea that is not common knowledge and a reference list is included at the end of the paper.
  • Precision – you follow all instructions and you answer each part of the assignment.
  • Breadth – you show broad knowledge of the module’s topic.
  • Depth – you go into detail to show more critical thought about the specific assignment.
  • Clarity – the extent to which you elaborate and include discussion or examples as asked.
  • Application – the extent to which you apply the information to a real-life situation related to the assignment, if asked.

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