Class Environments ( ANY QUESTION PLEASE ASK ME)

Class Environments ( ANY QUESTION PLEASE ASK ME)

Read in Chapter 9 about Autonomy Supportive Environments in the classroom.  Review Table 9.3 on the comparison of a controlling environment and an autonomy supportive environment. 

For your initial post, create a model for a physical education lesson that is being taught in a controlling environment. Explain in detail how the task is introduced, taught, and assessed.  You must include the following criteria:

  • Name of task
  • Type of authority in decision making
  • Recognition of achievement
  • Grouping of children
  • Evaluation
  • Time constraints

Your initial post can be a chart like the one below, or the information can be presented in story form.

Example: “Coach Johnson will be teaching a class how to dribble a ball while stationary.  First, she will pass out equipment so each child has a ball.  Then…”

Controlling Class Climate
Name of task 

Dribbling a basketball while stationary.
Type of authority in decision making role Teacher passes out equipment so each child receives a ball.  The instructor then gives directions to bounce and catch ball 10 times in a row; students follow directions.
Recognition of achievement Praises children aloud when task is completed, if ball rolls away student must return and start back at the beginning of the 10 count.
Grouping of children

Children are grouped in three groups: excellent, proficient, and needs improvement.

Groups are allowed free time when their group completes the task.
Time constraints Thirty-minute class period. Students remain in groups until every member has completed the task; then free time is awarded.

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