College Level Rubric Definitions Knowledge of Subject 40

College Level Rubric Definitions Knowledge of Subject 40 points possible Appropriateness Student uses college level vocabulary and includes details, documentation, and balanced information within academic content. Accuracy Student offers a clear opinion within the thesis statement and includes precise supporting details and research from academic sources (when appropriate). Extensiveness Student offers depth in argument. Perspective Student demonstrates in writing the ability to assert and support a position using required methods of development, maintaining clarity and sustaining an appropriate point of view throughout the essay. Organization 30 points possible Structure Student uses rhetorical elements, thesis, paragraph formats, content, style, and tone as needed. Coherence Student presents accurate rhetorical elements, thesis, structure, content, style and tone, and revises as needed. Awareness of the Reader 10 points possible Development Student uses the writing process (pre-writing, writing, and revision) to present information in a logical order, emphasizing details of central importance and drawing clear conclusions. Emphasis Student demonstrates appropriate rhetorical strategies for audience, purpose, and occasion. Diction Student demonstrates the ability to edit writing to eliminate jargon, choppiness, dullness, and incoherence to produce a smooth, vivid style appropriate to the subject and audience. Mechanics 10 points possible Grammar and Usage Student demonstrates appropriate use of Standard Written English to include proper use of sentence structure, verb and pronoun agreement, spelling, etc. Punctuation Student demonstrates appropriate use of punctuation for a variety of sentence styles. Format 10 points possible Format Student submits final drafts adhering to Modern Language Association guidelines.The research paper is about Oedipus The King

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