Computer science/system analysis design

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Computer science/system analysis design

the menu structure for Holiday travel vehicles existing character based system is shown here.  Develop and prototyp a new interface design for the systems functions, using a graphical user interface.  Assume that the new system will need to inlcude the same functions as those shown in the menus provided.  Inlcude any messages that will be produced as a user interacts with your interface (error, confirmation, status).  Also, prepare a summary that describes how your interface implements the priciples of good interface desgin as presented in the textbook.


Respond to case #3 (above) – Holiday Travel Vehicles on page 361 of your assigned textbook.

Your task is to develop and prototype a new interface design for the system’s function using Graphical User Interface. Include the same functions shown on page 361 plus possible messages during user interface such as error messages, confirmation, status, etc.

Your assignment should also include a written summary describing how your proposed interface implements the principles of good interface design.

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