Conflict or Negotiating in the Media Research Analysis Paper

1. Find a conflict or negotiation in the media and analyze the emotional dimension using the core concerns. Choose a conflict or negotiation to analyze. It could be an international conflict presently in the news, or it could be a conflict that happens on a TV show or in a movie. Any conflict or negotiation will do. It might help to focus on a particular person (or government).

2. Select appropriate topics; you can focus on one such as negotiation, or combine some, like; listening with understanding, emotional intelligence, and so on. You are free to choose what you like and discuss what you have read or seen in relationship to that content.

3. Add a video clip to show the essence of the conflict/negotiation.

4. This paper is to be 3-5 pages. Double or single space

5. This paper will be given points for thoughtfulness in applying the questions in your analyses, clear, edited writing, and application of what you have learned about core concerns in conflict and negotiation.


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