correct my essays and make it perfect and better


I have 3 essays need to fix it and be perfect pleas 


here is is some important thing you need to follow


the essays in MLA format 


good title 


the introduction paragraph must have:

1. background on the topic

2. thesis 

3. essay map of suuport 


the bodys paragaph must have:

1. topic sentense 

2. detalis 

3. transtion or conculding sentence. 


conclusion paragraph must have: 

1. re-state point 

2 remind of suuport 

3. offer conculding remark as preduction, soution, suggestio, or recomendation. 


keys for citation:

1. introduce it -single phrase + comma -single phrase + “that”  -complete sentece + colon

2. cited it correctly ( last name page# or argraph #)

work cited. 

3. comment on it (relate to your thesis 


thesd are the basic thing the teacherr said it must inculde in the essay to get an A 


you have to follow it please 


you must know about qution and citing ver well becuse it is very important and all my essays have problem with the quetion 


I attact to you the essays with their prompt 



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