Create a presentation (PowerPoint of 10 slides) on your Global Cultures report,

Create a presentation (PowerPoint of 10 slides maximum, Prezi, video such as Youtube of no more than 5 minutes) on your Global Cultures report, and post it in the designated thread in the Discussion Board. The presentation should concisely summarize significant cultural beliefs, values and norms, compare and contrast the selected country and the United States using on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions; and assess the advantages and challenges of opening a facility in that country.


I have attached the Paper already written on the Country and a sample of what the powerpoint needs to look like. 


It need 3 references includeding the one below. It is Due This Saturday Febuary 27th 2016. 



Bucher, R. (2015). Diversity Consciousness: Opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities (4th ed.). Pearson


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