Critical evaluation of games is an important skill for games

Task DescriptionCritical evaluation of games is an important skill for games designers. You will need to evaluate or choose one of the top 20 games in the last 3 years to critically evaluate with the intention of identifying those aspects that work well and recommendations for improvements. Your task is to research game design literature to locate current, relevant games theories and evaluate your game within the context of those theories.Game theories related to game mechanics, game usability, game design patterns, playability heuristics and the context of the game are examples of those which may be considered relevant to your critical evaluation. Your essay should briefly explain the games theories, how they apply to your game and the implications thereof.The list of references should form the last page of the assessment. Your list of references is expected to include at least two peer reviewed (scientific) journal or conference publications.As a guideline, the main body of your essay should be approximately 1500 words.

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