Critical Review

Write a critical review essay of two works of literature that are linked by theme or topic. You can choose any works of literature for this essay. A critical review essay is an analysis of works of literature in which the you describe the works and makes claims about their quality and effectiveness. Read page 432 in Literature to see a sample student essay.

Here are some important elements that you should have in your essay. All of these elements have to do with creating a well-organized essay that supports your opinion with clear evidence:

  • A main claim
  • A well-developed argument
  • Relevant evident to support the main claim
  • An analysis of literary elements
  • Supporting claims, arguments, and evaluations
  • Error free writing- subject/verb agreement

Please write at least 5 paragraphs in your essay.
You need at least 5 sentences in each paragraph.

  • 1st paragraph: Introduction. Give the titles and authors of your books/stories/poems. State a main claim about your works of literature. A main claim/thesis statement is something that the writer is trying to prove to the reader.
  • 2nd paragraph: Summary of your first book/story/poem
  • 3rd paragraph: Summary of your second book/story/poem
  • 4th paragraph: Compare/contrast your books/stories/poems
  • 5th paragraph: Conclusion, where you restate your main claim, and explain how your books supported that claim. Give final thoughts and reflections about your books and your main claim.

Books to write critical review on are below.

  • “The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant and “The Gift of the Magi,” by O. Henry
    also need a rough draft and the essay.

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