Critically examine the theory and policy that informs

In the initial phases of the assignment, the grounding of what influences our practice today could be defined and a background/history to EOLC provided. Guidance, policy and frameworks can be discussed with reference to the patient in the case study (Critical analysis is expected throughout these areas too).
A case study of the management of a patient at the end of life from the perspective of the student�s own sphere of practice.Within the case study, you need to capture a certain focus (2 areas) that occurred and analyse them, such as breaking bad news, communication, preferred place of care, symptom control, breathlessness, etc. Once this has been highlighted, they can be analysed and the end of life strategies and policy/guidance can be brought in to analyse and discuss the area (s). An idea of the setup of the assignment may be:
LEARNING OUTCOMES1. Critically examine the theory and policy that informs current understandings of end of life care2. Evaluate health care provision in the management of end of life care3. Critically evaluate current end of life care frameworksFrameworks for end of life care� Policy and Politics � Preferred Place of Care � Gold Frameworks � Care Pathways � Research and development, Cancer Experiences, Collaboratives etc., Ethical issues in researching the dying � Service user involvement
Intro � What is to be expected throughout the assignmentBackground to a patient case study � what areas are you going to focus on? –End of life care, past and present � what influences� how we care today? �Eng Of Life Policy / guidance / frameworksCritical analysis of the care provision provided for the patient, focussing on the specific areas chosen, incorporating relevant end of life literature, guidance and policy �Conclusion and recommendations �Summarise all findings.


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