1.Theoretical Explanations for Drug Use and Abuse

What is an example of a sociological theory of drug use and abuse? What is an example of a psychological theory of drug use and abuse? Are these theories effective in terms of explaining why individuals choose to engage in drug use? Why or why not?



The Discussion for this week will focus on the treatment of criminals. Please respond to the following questions/statements:

  • The book discusses four different ways to deal with criminals: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation. Which of the four ways do you feel is most effective in dealing with criminals? Which do you feel is least effective? Explain your answers. 
  • After watching ABC Primetime: Juvenile Corrections, and reading the chapter, answer the following questions: Why do juveniles get involved with crime? What are some differences and challenges human services professionals may face when working with juveniles convicted of crimes versus adults convicted of crimes? 

Apa style. 

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