Demonstrate theoretical and practical implementation of

Assignment 3: Team Leadership BlogOverviewThe purpose of this task is to encourage students to expand their thinking through reading and sharing of theirideas in a web 2.0 format used by many project managers.Timelines and ExpectationsLearning Outcomes AssessedThe following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:K5. Research and critique current and future issues in IT project management in a global context.S2. Demonstrate theoretical and practical implementation of leadership, team building, and performancemanagement approaches for IT projects.S3. Utilise decision making and problem solving approaches to resolve and pre-empt range of problems on ITprojects.A1. Construct written and verbal approaches to developing and presenting IT projectdocumentation.Assessment DetailsBackgroundA blog is a discussion or informational site published on the web consisting of regular entries or posts inchronological order. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites. Many blogsfocus on a particular topic; team blogs will focus on an area of project management leadership.Blogs are useful for first time and experienced project managers, and are widely used in the industry. The purposeof your project management leadership blog is to share the results of your research and investigations with othermembers of your team, and gather their feedback regarding your thoughts and ideas.For some examples project management blogs see: are required to work in a team (three to 5 members). Each individual student is required to select ajournal article on some area of project management leadership related to the course, or extending the courseideas, and write a blog reviewing the journal article, providing a critique of the ideas including conclusions andlessons learned (approximately 1000 words). The review should be supported by references from literature,demonstrating wider reading and critical thinking.

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