Directions: In this Analytical Essay, your discussion topic

In this Analytical Essay, your discussion topic is the War of 1812.
It will have a 50 point value and will be graded based on the specific content provided in response to the questions asked. There is no particular length required; it is up to the student to determine the length necessary to adequately address the questions asked. (2 to 3 single spaced type written pages as a guide)
In order to complete this assignment you need to first read all the material for Lessons 5 and 6. You may use all of these materials as well as material you find in the library or on the internet (making sure it is a reliable source) in constructing your essay.
As in any formal writing assignment, please properly cite information (facts, ideas and quotes) from all sources. You should properly list all the sources you use at the end of your essay.
It is expected to be your own work.Analytical Essay #2:
Discuss the War of 1812. Begin with a short background of the conflict and the reasons for a U.S. declaration of war. How did the war change America? Discuss at least three major long term results of the War?

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