Discussion 8

Discussion #8

History has ranked Andrew Jackson as one of the nation’s greatest presidents. His opponents however, denounced his dictatorial use of power and joined together to form an opposition party. Jackson himself asserted that the executive branch should be supreme because the president was the only member of the government elected by all of the people, and he openly challenged and disregarded the Legislative and Judiciary branches. Although his actions and decisions as president did not reduce his popularity, they did create a series of regional crisis.

In order to prepare for this discussion you must first complete the following readings.

After you have completed your readings, please post your responses to only ONE of the following questions.

  1. In your opinion, does Jackson deserve his position in history as a great president or King Andrew, as his opponents named him? Explain your position by addressing a particular action or decision that was part of his presidency.
  2. In your opinion, did Jackson lose his first run for the presidency because of “a corrupt bargain”? Explain your position.
  3. According to Jackson the Executive branch was “the only one directly elected by all of the people.” How would you respond to this assertion? Make sure that you support your argument.

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