Due in 2days

Due in 2days

This assignment will assist you in identifying your learning style and creating your learning strategies. Understanding your dominant learning style will help you determine how to study, develop appropriate strategies, and succeed in your college courses and outside the classroom.



1.     What do we mean by learning style? If you were asked to explain learning style to a fellow student, how would you define it? Be specific.

2.     Determine your learning style by completing the LEAD survey in chapter 5. After completing the assessment, state your learning style. Based on your experience, is this assessment accurate? Explain why or why not by providing examples.

3.     In your own words, state the difference between learning style and learning strategy. What are some specific techniques you can use to help you understand and retain new concepts?

4.     How do you put your learning style into practice in the classroom? If you are a visual learner, how do you use visual elements to help you learn material? If you are an auditory learner, how do you use this preference to improve comprehension? If you are a tactile learner, how do you incorporate motion or physical activity into your studies to help you better understand concepts? Give examples that illustrate how you practice your learning techniques.

5.     Remember that it is quite possible that we will at some point receive instructions from a teacher whose teaching style is not the same as our learning style. For example, Jane is an auditory learner, but her science teacher relies on charts, pictures, graphs, and other visuals to illustrate concepts. In order to understand the material, Jane needs to make certain adjustments. What adjustments would you make if an instructor’s teaching style were incompatible with your learning style? Give specific examples.

6.     Think about your life outside the classroom. How do you apply your dominant learning style to other areas of your life? Give some specific examples.

7.     Do you think your learning style matches well with your possible or current career choice? Explain how your learning style complements your intended career.

8.     How can understanding more about your learning style, and the learning styles of those around you, help you enhance your personal and classroom success?

9.     Before we discussed learning styles and strategies in this class, had you given much thought to how you learn? Elaborate.

 10.  It is possible that our learning style will affect how we learn in the online classroom environment. Discuss the strengths and weakness of your learning style in the online classroom. What strategies will you use in the online learning environment to address your strengths and weaknesses?


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