ECE 405 dis 2

ECE 405 dis 2

Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Classroom

Teachers can be genuine in their efforts to design and provide a culturally relevant and anti-bias classroom, but still fail to foster an environment where children are fully inclusive of others and free of prejudice. 

Our classrooms are filled with children and families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.  Imagine you are an early childhood educator who has received the attached surveys from your families.  After you read through the surveys below, select one family that you want to use for this discussion.  

Write a transcript for a parent-teacher conference that you might have with this family based on facts you learned about them from the survey.  Develop five questions that the parent/family member might ask you about your classroom during a conference, each including a fact from the survey.  For example, a family might ask you, “What resources are available to help my child learn English?” or “How can I help support my child at home since I work during the day?”  Then develop responses to address their questions.  Be sure to include an example of how specifically you will do this in the classroom and provide support from the textbook.  

Your discussion will be submitted in question and answer format, including these requirements for all five questions:

  • Question asked by parent using a fact from the survey.
  • Response to the question: 
    • Explanation of your answer
    • Specific example of how this will occur in your classroom
    • Evidence from the textbook that supports this answer

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