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Step 1: Brainstorm possible locations for the observation visit. This site should relate in some way to the topic you are working on for your Project Space essay, though you may still be thinking about your topic, and you do not have to specifically write about that space if in the end, it isn’t relevant. (you might want to write about deforestation, and visit a near-by forest to get a feeling for what a forest is, what is lost when one is gone; likewise, you might want to write about water pollution, so you visit a local stream or river to see what that is like).
Step 2: Preparation – do some research on this place/space. Find out as much as you can prior to your visit. Where is it? Provide a map. If it is a business or corporation, find out who owns it or operates it. Look for clues and tidbits of information that may give you specific things to look for in your site visit. Attach this information to your notes so far.
Step 3: Go on your Observation visit. Take detailed notes on what you see (take photos if you like for future reference, or to add to your Observation Report). Use your other senses. Observe, Attach these notes to your notes so far.
Step 4: Type up your report. Where did you go and what did you see? Include the notes your made in Step 2 (preparation). Provide your preliminary conclusions at the end of your report. What can you conclude about Waste & Space related to this observation?

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