English writing 30 hours

By the end of the seventh week, you are expected to have read one of the popular books (see the bibliography in the Doc Sharing Area) or several related leadership articles and to have prepared a 5- to 7-page summary. If you choose a book, you do not need to read it the same way you read a textbook. A book can be read quickly and lightly. You can extract the essence from works of this nature without reading each word and line with “pain-staking detail.” You may find the essence of the author’s work in the first chapter, sometimes it appears in the last chapter, sometimes it is spread throughout the book. I am asking that you provide a “summary” of the author’s work—what is the author’s major theme? What are the key ideas being presented? Your work is to be a summary and not a personal critique of the book or series of articles.


I have to write about Steve jobs ..go through any book and then write

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