English writing

English writing

Kindly, can you do what he asked?  Neededi n 10 hours

its about 5 pages … please read the attachment carefully to do well in the assignment.


and I hope we keep the massage subject upward like that the number of assignment and the numbers of pages for Future cooperation.etc


 I attached 2 pages which he mentioned  



As I’ve mentioned before, one of my major objectives of this course is to help you develop your skills as a strategic leader.  Managers have authority; leaders have consent.  One thing I’d like you to think about this week is leading/managing upward.  How do I get in the position that the leadership of the organization confides in me and asks for my counsel?  How do I get a seat at the table (the boardroom table?  How do I get in the position where the boss knows I’ll deliver information that she/he needs to know, not just what they want to hear?  Your text talks about the “sensitive link between organizational values and stakeholder perception.”


It also talks about the link between the media and the chief executive and the role you play in that.  What does one misstatement play in the value of the organization’s stock or reputation?  Consider BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward and his comments a few years ago.  Do you have responsibility to train and prepare the chief executive to talk to the media?  Do you have the relationship to do that or should you hire someone?  Are you able to counsel the chief about his/her use of social media – and the implications of it?


What about employee communications and relationships?  What should you be advising the chief executive in this area?  Better yet, how do you get the chief executive to check with you before decisions affecting employees are made?


Please read “The need for trusted advisors” on page 28 of your text.  Read it a couple of times.  Also read the summary on page 30 of your text.  Think leadership and strategy.


On a personal note, I was fortunate in my career to work for several organization presidents who sought and trusted my counsel.  We didn’t always agree on issues and resolution of them.  But we understood one another.  We listened to one another.  The president knew that I could be counted on to give honest information in a way that was not alarming or hostile.  And the president knew that I would never disagree or undermine him once I left his office.  That said, we’d spend a lot of time discussing, disagreeing, swearing, strategizing.  All that took place in his office or mine.  We had a relationship of professionalism and trust – and knew that what we talked about would go no further.  I also understood that the ultimate decision was his.  And he knew that I would support that decision.


I was very fortunate to work for that kind of a leader.  Any time yo u have a boss who extolls “the power of public relations,” it’s a good thing.  Wasn’t always that way.


Your Assignment


Think about the chapter and what I’ve said.  Assume you are the vice president of communications/public relations for a publicly-held company.  You report to the president.  You have a great relationship with the president – a lot of what I’ve described above.  But, you’ve decided that you want to be a public relations professor and have given your resignation.  But, it’s not going to be that easy to leave.  There are no internal candidates for your job and the president has indicated that she will miss your counsel as well as professional relationship.  She has asked you to briefly outline (about 5 pages) the kind of PR professional she should hire, their qualifications, etc.  What are the qualifications as well as experience?  We’re not talking PR tactics.  The “Notes” section on page 31 of you text has some good information.  I’ve also attached a reading from the latest edition of Public Relations Tactics for you to think about as you’re preparing to write.  Think about what makes a good PR strategist/leader and back up why.  


The next leader could be you, if you’re ready!


Please double-space your document and send it to me in WORD format.  I will do a red-line edit ad return your paper.  You’re looking at a 5-=point assignment.


Again, I’ll ne looking for thoroughness, logic, style, grammar and spelling.  And, leadership thinking.

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