Prog. 3.3: Argumentative Proposal




Create a plan for your third essay’s argument, presenting your supporting claims and evidence. Also specify




what information you think you will need to research in order to back up your claims.




Consider the following points:




* Here is one important claim from one author regarding my topic.




* Here is an opposing claim from a different author in this ongoing conversation.




* Here is what I think is questionable or problematic with some of these claims.




* Here is my claim in this conversation.




* Here is what other scholars might say about my claim.




* Here is my rebuttal to there arguments.




For each item, you will need to provide brief summaries of the evidence you will be weaving into your essay.




You will, of course, want your summary of what other scholars think to emphasize the passages most relevant




to your own argument.




Your planning document should be detailed and not simply a list of points; two and a half to three double-


spaced pages in MLA format. Include a “Works Cited” list if possible.


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