Engulf and Devour Arguments


In M1: Assignment 2, you identified and explained the weakest or strongest argument in a set of articles. You identified the premises and conclusions, discussed whether or not an inference was warranted, and discussed matters of truth and consistency within the specified subject.


Review your work in M1: Assignment 2 where you analyzed the sets of articles assigned to you.


Using these articles, complete the following:


  • Construct an original “engulf and devour” argument.




  • Develop a “counterexample” argument.


You may use the M1: Assignment 2 readings as sources for evidence and facts. Be sure to do the following:


  • Use additional references to support your arguments and provide evidence as needed.
  • Use key language and phrases suggested in your textbook.


If you have difficulty getting started use the “quick start” techniques listed in the textbook.


Write your initial response in 1–2 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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