ES Paper

Select a country or region that is suffering from severe climate conditions; these may be of long-standing or may be influenced by global climate change.  You must propose measures that can realistically be taken to alleviate these problems, considering the cost of your proposals, the length of time they will take to implement, the results that will be obtained, the impact on the lives of the people of the region, and any political or sociological concerns that have to be addressed.  From an economic point of view, your budget is not limitless, nor is it minuscule.  If you propose measures that will take many years to implement, you might want to consider some interim measures.  Make sure your ideas are fully researched and references are given.

                The report will consist of a well-written and referenced paper as well as an oral presentation, complete with PowerPoint.


7-8 page paper 2300words including a powerpoint presentation

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