Essay 800 words

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Essay 800 words

Assignment (adapted from Hammons and Fatherree, FOS):  Write a well-developed essay in which you make a claim about the relationship of conflict and theme in the short story you choose from the list I gave you.  You must be clear about the type of conflict (internal/external) and the nature of the theme.  Above all, you must explain how the conflict you examine influences the theme you examine. These questions, adapted from Hammons and Fatherree in For Our Students, should guide your paper:  “What is the essential conflict in the story?  What role does it play in the … development of theme?” (351). In addition, use two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to develop your essay.  These sources must come from the academic databases.   Create an outline that provides a clear structure to your essay, and include the outline as the first page of your essay. Examples of appropriate formats for a paper of this kind can be found on pages 71(formal sentence outline) and 241-242 of For Our Students.


  1. Choose one of the short stories from the following list as the focus of your literary analysis:

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