for A-plus writer

for A-plus writer

The play on the whole.  How was the entire experience? Did you like it or not and why???

The script.  Try to isolate the author’s work from the production.  Did you like the script but think it was a bad interpretation or vice-versa?  Why?

The direction.  What did the director bring to the production?  Casting?  Blocking?  What elements did they choose to emphasize?  Did it add or detract from your enjoyment of the show?  Why?

The set.  Anything that is not carried on-stage by actors or considered “furniture” is a part of the set.  Did it work for you?  Did it accommodate the various locations required for the story?  Why?

The lights.  Start with “Could I see everything?” and go from there.  Did the lights heighten the experience, adding to the mood or drama and why?  Were they merely functional?  Were there any special lighting effects like gobos or lightning?

The costumes.  Did the clothing seem appropriate for the characters and the time and place of the story?  Did they tell you more about the characters than you would have known otherwise?  Why?

The props.  Anything that is carried on or off by the actors or considered “furniture” is a prop.  Was it appropriate?  Did it add to or take away from your engagement to the story?  Why?

The Sound.  Could you hear everything?  Were there any sound effects?  Was music used?  And if so did it enhance or detract from the story and how?  

The acting in general.  Did you believe it?  Was the acting consistent; was everyone in the same play?  Did someone’s performance enhance or detract from your enjoyment and why?


This is an opinion paper. Begin by stating your opinion and then support it with specific examples from the show.  Your opinion cannot be wrong, provided you support it!  Please be honest and express what you really thought rather than what you think I want to hear.

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