Ms Woods


I have another  assignment for you to assist me with. On the last assignment I scored a 30/50 with the following comment attached from the professor–


“Knowledge/Understanding: The majority of your paper appears to be citations/paraphrases. It is unclear what you are learning when your own examples are not utilized. -20 points”


I have posted the next assignement with the grading rubics along with the instructions for the essay. The profesor states that I use citations/paraphrases too much, I think we need to cut back on those a bit.  You may use real life experiences when answering these questions.  


The Basics

Below is a summary of the requirements and expectations for the Unit Essay Assignment:

  • The Basics – These are ESSAY assignments; this means quality writing is expected. NO question/topic can be answered in one or two sentences. A minimum of two (2) well written, well crafted, paragraphs is the bare minimum for answering any question/topic. In many cases it might take several well written paragraphs to successfully present your answer to the question, topic, or issue AND display evidence of critical thinking.
  • Multipart Answers – Some of the answers may have more than one “part” to complete present your answer. So if there are multiple parts to the question/topic YOUR answer MUST be broken down into separate QUALITY paragraphs for EACH part.
  • Examples – it IS ALWAYS recommended that you provide thoughtful, concrete examples in your answers to demonstrate your understanding of the concept/term, theory, etc. Just typing back what is in the text is not good enough, I have read the text. The key is for you to be able to synthesize what you have read AND demonstrate your understanding by providing meaningful examples beyond those that might be provided in the text, especially if you can provide examples from your own life that provide a context for your understanding of the issues.
  • Supporting Materials – it is always appropriate and a good idea, to provide support for your answers, beyond the text, using other materials and or web sites. If you do this you MUST cite your sources correctly using the APA format (for information on the APA style and format go to the: University of Purdue Online Writing Lab. Please Note: There is no need to cite the textbook as a source, just cite works beyond the textbook.

I really do appreciate your help. 




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