For prof Ryan

For prof Ryan

Assignment 1



Read : Chapters  1  and 2 of the book

End to End QoS Network Design : Quality of Service for Rich media and Cloud Network

Assignment 1:

You were hired as a network engineer for a small firm that had just recently implemented a voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) solution in its converged network, which had replaced all of its analog lines. During your first week on the job, you hear a lot of complaints about the quality of the voice calls, and you have also noticed this yourself on a few occasions. You started an investigation to identify and resolve the root cause. You noticed that both voice and regular data traffic are using the same virtual local area networks (VLANs), and there was no priority given to the traffic.

You have heard of the term quality-of-service (QoS) and know that this could be implemented to prioritize traffic flow as it moves across the network. You do not have all of the details about how QoS works, but want to because you believe it could help.

Using all available resources, complete research on QoS. In 4–6 paragraphs, addressed the following:

•Describe quality-of-service.

•Describe why you believe it is important to have this technology configured in a network. Provide at least 1 example of how it could be beneficial.

•Describe a time that you have utilized quality-of-service in your job. If you have not utilized QoS, describe a situation where you believe it would have been beneficial. Be specific with details in your discussion.


Assignment 2

Read Chapter 2

Write a short paper 2-3 page that describes the QoS architecture and structure


Project 1



Read Chapter 4 


You work for a consulting company as the senior network architect. Your company was contracted by a local university to design and deploy a new network. During the deployment process, this network will operate in parallel to the present infrastructure. The network currently has many performance issues and security concerns. A few months ago, there was a situation reported in the local newspapers that students had gained access to the student records database and had made modifications to grades.

Your task as the senior network architect is to design a network that will mitigate these risks and address the performance issues. Special considerations should be given to physical and logical access control and how the proper implementation of the same can reduce the risk.

In a 2–3-page document, discuss the design approach you will use.

•Talk about the physical security, logical security, and access control measures that will be implemented. Provide specific details.

•Discuss the design approach that will control traffic flow, hence improving performance.

•Use diagrams where possible support your discussion points.






Project 2



Read Chapter 5


The security of information asset is critical to any operational environment. The existence of (or the lack of) good security measures will determine the stability of the operating environment and the availability of resources. As a result of this fact, security should not be an afterthought in the network architectural design process. In any network environment, the most successful access control solution is one that was considered in the design process. Access control can be broken down into area, physical access control, and logical access control.

In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following:

•Describe physical access control.

•Discuss any form of physical access control, and reference a time when you have used this form of physical access control to provide security to an information asset.

•Describe logical access control.

•Discuss any form of logical access control you have used, and discuss a situation in which you have leveraged this form of logical access control to provide security protection for an information asset.

•Be specific in your response.


Project 3

Project 3

Discuss the business trends in networking that impact QoS Design.

QoS Desgin Strategies


Consider the Cisco RFC 9549 based recommendation. Review the recommendation and write a 2-3 page report on what the system administrators need to do to accommodate current and future QoS needs.

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