“For professor Ryan”

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“For professor Ryan”


This assignment needs to completed or due by 6/28/2014 for $15 by 9pm tonight because I do not want a rush job on this assignment. I hope this assignment receive an A too; like the last one did. This assignment needs to be plagiarism-free. Since this assignment has to be submitted into Turnitin.com.




You have to complete all five sections of the case write-up; remember that the issue is the surface thing we see here, not just one of the underlying causes.



I’ve also attached a Power Point Presentation with audio which discusses how to write-up the case.  If your audio doesn’t start automatically, double-click on the little horn in the lower right-hand corner (at least that worked for me).




There are no specific page or word numberrequirements for the case write-ups.

The requirement is for you to write up the case in the five distinct sections discussed in the Power Point presentation found in Content.  




This is not about how long the paper is but about the quality of the job you do of writing up the case. 

The length of your paper will be a function of how you approach the case, particularly in terms of the analysis methods you use for determining root causes and for determining appropriate solution(s) and how well you support your conclusions.  The detail provided in your implementation action plan will also be a factor, and whether or not you elect to use a Gantt chart (note: use one).  As far as that goes, the ability to write succinctly and clearly varies within the class, as it does in the general population; some of you will be able to cover clearly and completely in a few pages what others will take several more pages to say.  I don’t want to reward or punish on that basis, but more on the basis of what you had to say — or failed to say.

That said, this is not a semester paper; if you start approaching 8-10 pages you’re probably getting quite verbose, so get out your editing pencil. 🙂  But once you’ve actually done the analysis work and thought through your implementation plan and evaluation approach, it shouldn’t take too many pages to explain and support it.  A hint: the use of tables and figures may cut down on the amount of verbiage and therefore the overall length.

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