Generating hypotheses for t-tests and ANOVAs

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Generating hypotheses for t-tests and ANOVAs

Assignment 1: Generating hypotheses for t-tests and ANOVAs

Welcome to Week 4 Discussion Assignment. The goal this week is to review the Module 4 lecture on generating hypotheses for t tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA), and then read and respond to the Discussion Question and to the discussion of at least 2 other students by asking questions of other students.

A note to ALL Students:  ALWAYS cite at least ONE source for your main discussion post.  Your participation and response to other students must also be Substantive, and try to ask a statistical question for the other student you are responding to when you participate in the discussion. 



Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis.. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA.



Heiman, Gary W.. Behavioral Sciences STAT, 1e. Wadsworth, 2015. Chapter 11:  Hypothesis Testing Using the one-Way Analysis of Variance   VitalBook file. Retrieved from:



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