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Answer each question please



Given the obesity epidemic that we face in America, define the terms “overweight” and “obesity” and provide a brief overview of the current overweight and obesity trends in America.  Discuss the major consequences of obesity and provide evidence-based findings to support your claims. Please provide a thorough analysis of the genetic, physical and hormonal, metabolic, family, social, cultural, environmental, and psychological causes of obesity.  Which do you feel has the largest impact on weight status and why?  Offer at least two primary recommendations to reduce the rate of obesity in future generations.  What are some examples of small, yet effective changes we can make to modify our lifestyles and increase our life expectancy?  Which strategies do you feel would be most effective for you and why? 200 words






You do not have to be an athlete to be physically fit and reap the benefits of physical activity.  Briefly describe the benefits of each component of physical fitness.  Determine which benefits you believe are most important in terms of health and explain your reasoning.  Provide evidenced-based findings to support your claims.  Next, provide an example workout routine for each of the five components using your text as a guide.  You may keep the warm-up and cool-down parts of the workout the same for all five examples. 


Review the common barriers to being regularly active presented in your text and on the A.C.S.M. website.  Select the two barriers that you believe are the most difficult to overcome and explain your answer.  Discuss methods to overcome these barriers; you must give at least two possible solutions for each of the two most difficult barriers.  Provide personal examples of how to incorporate these solutions into daily life.  200 words


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