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Explain the differences among law office billing procedures, specifically, the differences involved in billing on a contingency basis, a flat fee basis, and an hourly basis.


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance paralegal.


Discuss the types of cases that would be handled in each of the following five law offices. (e.g., in a probate practice, paralegals would work on wills and trusts.)

state attorney general’s office
public defender’s office
legal aid office
county prosecutor’s office
private family law practice


Research the ABA rules of professional of conduct and summarize the sanctions imposed on attorneys for over billing clients. What role does the paralegal play in maintaining accurate billing statements?


What are the functions of a successful billing system?

List at least 3 advantages computerized time-tracking has over manual time-tracking.


Identify which tasks can be billed to the client.

  Client Description of Services
1. Mary Jones Prepare draft of e-mail to client regarding date of hearing.
2. Fred Smith Prepare draft of Deed of Trust, Promissory Note, Addendum to Deed of Trust, and letter to Title Company for flat fee real estate case.
3. PanAm Fruit & Vegetables Prepare draft of letter to Mr. Miller.
4. Dog Sitters Co. Deposit retainer check in Trust account at Friendly Bank.
5. Fred Smith Prepare revision of real estate transfer papers.
6. Karl Clark Witness Interview: Jennifer Miller
7. David Kirscher Prepare draft of Order Granting Hearing on Summary Judgment.
8. Karl Clark Prepare medical chronology
9. Fred Smith Prepare final revision of real estate transfer papers.
10. Gold East, Inc. Organize client file and index documents.

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