Essay 4- Descriptive Essay



*Fulfills the requirement for Comm 101: “Descriptive Essay.”This papers also offers LLOs in writing, critical thinking, and creativity.  All rubrics are used to assess.





For this final essay, you to pick any of the characters from the stories we have read this semester (Tristran, Yvaine, Calvin, Hobbes, any of the Watchmen, V, Evey, etc.) you must describe to your audience any scene of your own creation as the character.  Again, the story and descriptions must be original.  You must use descriptive language to relate your scene.  Your language must fully engross your audience in the experience.  Make sure to fully describe actions and settings. Give detailed examples of your reactions including emotions and feelings regarding particular segments of the film.  What you thought, how you felt, what the atmosphere was like…..all of these are valid aspects of a description essay. 


Don’t forget that you are also telling a story, so every part of the story must flow effectively.  This takes some critical thinking and planning.


Standards and Criteria


·         650 words minimum

·         Typed in standard 12 pt. font


·         Double-spaced

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