HR 3

HR 3


DQ 1   150 words


Lafarge is the world’s biggest cement producer, with over $15 billion in revenues from 133 cement plants in 46 countries. An important element at Lafarge is training. Managers are required to monitor the development of employees. The company practices intensive communication to make sure that its worldwide businesses understand its operations. “Our aim is to become a learning organization,” says the training manager of the cement division. How can a culture persist in an organization for over 170 years across different owners? Review the Lafarge website ( to read and critique the “Lafarge way” and other company practices and philosophies. Based on your research, take a position on whether or not Lafarge is a learning organization. Make a substantive response to at least two of your classmates’ postings.


DQ 2  150 words


Discuss the future trends in Organizational Development. Take a position on the following question and defend it: “Is OD an emerging discipline or only a passing fad?”


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