Human/Computer Interface and Interactions: is anyone can do the project

Project 3:

Building on your initial UI design mock-up of the terrorist suspect identification program UI, the

interface now needs to present more information to the user.

The interface should present the following information visually with both icons/graphics and text:


◦ On the run (outstanding warrant, or wanted by Interpol)

◦ Threat level (based on arrest record or suspected activity)

◦ Connection level (based on number of known or suspected terrorist contacts)

◦ Picture/no picture

◦ Status: dead, MIA, captured, alive


. If this interface is to be used by users in other countries, address the localization and globalization that would influence the design.   For more information on    Globalization and Localization, please refer to :


   Design and Implementation Guidelines for the Web Clients


   Globalization of User-Interface Design for the Web


• Submit a screenshot in MS Word and Visual Basic application

Discussion Questions:

Each main post must be submitted to Turntin

Discussion is closed by the due date.  It is not reopened

Make at least one main post and two replies.

Use at least one reference.  Use APA style in the reference.

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