i need help as soon as possible

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i need help as soon as possible

Write a memo report (as detailed as you can make it) for the King (His Majesty, George II), explaining Mr. Swift’s proposal. Format counts, so be sure to use a memo heading (as demonstrated in class.)

At the end of your report, you should writeyourviews on

  • The plan’s good points, and also
  • Any objections you have to the plan’s drawbacks. On what grounds do you base your disapproval?

75 pts. — will be averaged with essay grades

Submit it in the text box or upload it as an attachment.

Due: Friday, May 8, at 11 p.m

Your memo should follow business format. Single space the text in the body section, double space between headings and paragraphs, and double space between paragraphs.


Do not indent the first line of a paragraph in a memo.


Headings should be used to organize your information.


Your memo should have a short introduction –just a sentence or two, stating the purpose of the memo. Even something as simple as “Here is the information you requested on Jonathan Swift’s proposal to reduce poverty among the Irish papists.”

Consider the memo a critique of Swift’s scheme. Translate his idea into your own words. Even if you disagree with the author, you should first show that you have listened to him and understand his side and can accurately summarize his argument. The section containing your view should demonstrate that you are aware of Swift’s points and should not be more about you than the text.


For the summary part, try using one of these templates:


Mr. Swift’s pamphlet is important because ______.


The discussion of ____ should be of interest to Irish____ because ____.


In the discussion of Mr. Swift’s A Modest Proposal, one controversial issue has been ____. Mr. Swift argues _____.


Although _____may seem of a concern to only a small group of Irish _____, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about ____.


For your views:


Although I disagree with Swift on ______ and _____, I agree with ______.


Although I agree with Swift on ___, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that _____.


Ultimately, as I read it, The Modest Proposal seems to say ____. I have trouble accepting this proposition, however on the grounds that ______.




Verbs to use in quoting: argues that, agrees that, claims that, concedes that, demonstrates that, insists, observes, questions, reminds us, suggests, urges us to


Many memos use the heading “DISCUSSION” or “SUMMARY” for the body section. This is where you can present the problem as Swift sees it and summarize his “scheme.” Do you want to list the benefits he proposes? Try bullets or a numbered list.


End with a brief concluding paragraph of your own views, which may suggest a course of action or make other recommendations. Discuss benefits (if any) and drawbacks (if any) that you see to this plan. Your own views could be placed under a heading titled RECOMMENDATIONS or CONCLUSIONS


Here is a link to a memo example on Purdue’s OWL: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/590/04/

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