I need help

I need help


I have homework for my sister 

I want it on Sunday. please.


her homework is about Article bibliographies for Saven topics. each topic inclouding two articles. I want three articles on one pages. please let each article has 130 words at least.   


I want it (((((( professional articles ))))))) please please please. the last one was not good my dear. please she needs very good.

Also,((((( make title for each article ))))) and use APA format.




the topics are :

1/ Curriculum Development

2/First Generation College Students

3/ Best Practices in ELL Education

4/ Effects of Gender on Academic Achievement

5/ The benift of techenology for college student.

6/ Impact of physical Education on student

7/ Impact of parental Involvement in students Acadimic achivment 




I am going to post it now and I am going to pay 40$.


Thanks so much.

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