I need it in 3 hours – Help writing a summary on the 1975 film (Dog Day Afternoon)



Write a summary of Dog Day Afternoon movie is about in:


2 pages, then summarize and write it again in 1 page, then summarize and write it again in one paragraph, then again in one sentence.

2 pages 

1 page

1 paragraph

1 sentence



 -These summaries should be single-spaced, with 12-point font and 1.25 inch margins. Multiple pages should be stapled together.

-You must stick to the proscribed lengths – if you get stuck, try working backwards from the longest one and pare it down until you get to the essential point of what the film is about.

-You may quote from your chosen film and use search engines to refresh your memory on character names, etc.  But, resist the urge to look to the internet for help with your summaries.

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